"In contrast to previous economic eras,
intellectual property will be the primary source
of new wealth in the 21st century."
- Gregory A Piccionelli, 1989
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A Business And Creative Person Like You. 


I come from a family of entrepreneurs.   Nearly everyone in my immediate and extended families own their own business.   And true to the family tradition, I too have been a businessman for most of my adult life.   That is part of the reason why nearly a quarter century ago I co-founded Piccionelli & Sarno to provide top-notch legal services to businesses from a businessman’s perspective.  From the start it has always been our philosophy that businesspersons coming to our firm for legal services should find a kindred entrepreneurial business spirit here. 

Similarly, for creative persons seeking our assistance, we have strived to ensure that they would always find that a creative spirit pervades what we do at Piccionelli & Sarno.  That spirit results from the fact that both of the firm’s founders are accomplished creators.   I am an inventor of numerous technologies and have been awarded more than fifty United States and foreign patents.   I am also one of the founders of Stage 32 (www.stage32.com), the world’s first social network for independent motion picture production.  I am also a lifelong professional musician and composer of more than one thousand musical works.   Our firm’s co-founder, Robert Sarno, also an accomplished creator, is a major motion picture scriptwriter.  

From the start we have believed that creative clients are best served by experienced legal counsel that also have a native understanding of, and reverence for, the creative process.   And it is from our profound love of creativity and the fruits of the creative mind that we strive to protect our clients’ freedom of expression and intellectual property rights in their creations.

We thank you for visiting our website.  

Gregory A. Piccionelli, Esq.



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